Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Flipped Math Class

I have been  recently interested  in the  Flipped Math classes and I am working now on finding the best way of integrating it in a professional manner .
Here are some links ,which seem useful to me so far .

And the best of all :

I hope you will all benefit from these resources, as much as I did .

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

How Can Teachers Prepare Kids for a Connected World

I would like to thank for this amazing article ,I really enjoyed reading it and all the rich ideas that are included ,I loved the comparison between kids when they play games and how  they throw themselves into it without reading any rules and they keep on trying and trying where they can  fail once and twice but they are so determined to succeed. This is why they spend hours and hours playing games to get high scores but on the other hand at school although they are given all the rules and guidance they are not determined to succeed as they do with games,  they always feel that everything they do goes on their academic record and this stops their creativity .

Interesting video